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Indie Bound - Indie Next List - August 2019 - #2 Pick!

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"... laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, and will make you seriously rethink your screen addiction."

Parade - Most Inspiring Books by Women in 2019

Washington Independent Review of Books - Favorite Books of 2019

"A trash-talking crow? Zombies? All wrapped in social commentary and an environmentalist slant? No way. But, against all odds, Buxton pulls it off."

Book Riot - 20 of the Best Post-Apocalyptic Books of 2019

"Sorry, other books, but I have to admit that this is my favorite “world is ending” book of 2019."

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Sept 15, 2019 - Indiebound - The Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Bestseller List - Eight Week Period - #13​

Barnes & Noble

Bestsellers in Science Fiction & Fantasy: August 2019 - Hardcover Top 10


Sept 4, 2019 - #1 Bestselling Sci-fi Audiobook, #36 Bestselling Audiobook

The Seattle Times - What the Pacific Northwest is reading - PNBA

August 16, 2019 - Bestselling Hard Cover Fiction - #15

August 23, 2019 - Bestselling Hard Cover Fiction - #5

August 30, 2019 - Bestselling Hard Cover Fiction - #10

September 6, 2019 - Bestselling Hard Cover Fiction - #12

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Bestseller in November 2019 - #5

The Wichita Eagle

August 11, 2019 - Best selling books in Wichita - Watermark Books and Cafe: Bestsellers - #2


The New York Times - New & Noteworthy, From Prince Albert to A Bird's-Eye View Of the Apocalypse​

Good Housekeeping

20 New Fall Books You Have To Read This Season

"Pick up this delightfully weird book for a change from the usual — we promise it's like nothing you've read before."


You Need To Read This: 5 Hot New Fiction Books Coming In August

"I'd about given up on zombie apocalypse narratives until Kira Jane Buxton came along with her rollicking debut novel 'Hollow Kingdom'..."

Seattle Public Library

Peak Picks

"Bestsellers and more. No holds. No wait. We reserve copies of books that are in high demand to check out on a first come, first served basis at your branch."

The Portalist - 8 Vital Sci-Fi Climate Change Books

"Hollow Kingdom meets this incredible mashup concept with grace while defying genre and expectations. It's funny, it's got horror, it has beautiful nature writing, and it has zombies. Themes of self-identity, immigration, and smartphone addiction are infused with a literal bird's eye view in Buxton's critically acclaimed story of heart and hope. "

Book Riot

Zombie Books for Scaredy Cats

"This book is quirky, insanely creative, beautifully written, and laugh out loud funny. It’s the heartwarming zombie apocalypse you never knew you needed."

Riot Roundup: Best Books We Read in January to March 2020

Lit Hub - Book Marks

9 Witchy New Books For Halloween

"She embodies the voices of the animal narrators so effectively that even this non-animal-lover was swept up in the prose."


Literary Laughs Provide a Much-Needed Escape


7 Authors Recommend The Perfect Places to Read Their Books

"Since it’s predominantly set in Seattle, some great spots to read ‘Hollow Kingdom’ include the Woodland Park Zoothe Seattle AquariumNorthwest Trek Wildlife Park or the Seattle Humane Society as you consider rescuing a kitty or pup."

Entertainment Weekly

20 New Books To Read In August

"Literary debuts don’t get much more high-concept than this."

Seattle Met

5 Seattle Books for the End of Summer

"A zombie comedy? A history of Silicon Valley? A sci-fi recommendation from Barack Obama? Yup."

A Big Seattle Reading List


Funny 2019 Fiction: Darkly hilarious but utterly real

"Hug your pets and then blow your friends’ minds by telling them all about the novel you just read."

8 New Voices To Discover

"A totally fresh take on the apocalypse, peppered with hilarious philosophical discourse and a fascinating, imaginative animal world."


Summer Is Fading But There Are Tons of New Sci Fi and Fantasy Books Coming to Brighten Up August

"This month’s crop of brand-new sci-fi and fantasy horror books include space battles with hostile aliens, multiple mages, a pet crow who’s got a front-row seat to the zombie apocalypse, ghosts, dragons, salty heroes, and even a few tales of tech gone wild. Dig in!"


Put These New August Books On Your TBR List & Stat

"The world through the lens of a crow’s eyes, and through Buxton’s whimsical and clever writing, is sweet, smart, and irresistible."

Get Lit - Simon and Schuster

Get LIt's Favorite New August 2019 Fiction

"Epic fights, thrilling chases, and an apocalyptic story told from a fascinating new perspective, Hollow Kingdom manages to be both somber and gleeful in one book you wish would never end."

Fast Company

‘Hobbs & Shaw,’ ‘Succession,’ and 95 other new movies, TV shows, albums, and books you must check out this month

"A totally fresh take on the apocalypse, peppered with hilarious philosophical discourse and a fascinating, imaginative animal world."

Dandelion Chandelier

What Are The Best New Books Coming In August 2019


29 Summer Books To Get Excited About

"Oh man, I love this book — so utterly crass, surprisingly tender, laugh-out-loud funny, and deliciously strange."

44 Amazing Book Recommendations From Our Favorite Indie Bookstores


We Can't Wait: The Best Reads Of 2019

"I found this upcoming novel funny, weird, surprisingly touching, and extremely lovable — there’s something for everyone here!"

She Reads

15 Summer Books For The Eclectic Reader

"I am a sucker for debuts and post-apocalyptic stories, so I had to look into this one further. What I found is completely odd and yet it drew me in right away."

The University News - St. Louis University

Fall Book Preview

"Hollow Kingdom transcends genres;it is a dark, twisted, humorous treat of a book."

Monash Student Association - Monash University

Summer Reads: Fantasy 2019



Humans Are Gone in 'Hollow Kingdom', So It's Up To The Crows

"Buxton takes a joyfully original approach to apocalyptic fiction. See, instead of us humans being the focal point in the story of our own extinction, it's the plethora of life that we leave behind that takes center stage."

Lit Hub - Book Marks

The Best Reviewed Books of the Week 8-9-2019

Bookpage - Starred Review

"It doesn’t get any weirder, funnier or better than Hollow Kingdom."​

The Nerd Daily - 10/10

"It’s a magnum opus on environmental degradation, an expose on the impact of technological dependency, and—above all else—a testament to the bizarre and indelicate beauty of rewilding."​

Nerd Much - 10/10

"If you’re a zombie-tale enthusiast, chances are you’ll love Hollow Kingdom. Wholly unique and equal parts funny and beautifully told, Hollow Kingdom is a rare gem in the crowded post-apocalypse genre."

WPL's More Books Please! - Crowing About Hollow Kingdom

"From the first chapter I knew that it was a book for everyone.  Everyone! ... It’s an unforgettable book about the end of world as we know it and you really should read it – Cheetos optional."

Morning Star

"Funny and sad, Buxton’s fable is also full of purpose and meaning, and ultimately hopeful."

SciFiNow UK Magazine (October Issue) - 5/5

"Part ecological fable and part adventure story, but it’s all very good"

Daily Express UK Magazine.

"A wholesome and humorous tale of unlikely heroism"


Magic Radio Book Club

"This was one of our favourite wacky reads this year"

Pioneer Publishers

"Buxton has written a wildly imaginative story, and each reader will probably learn something slightly different from “Hollow Kingdom.” I’m not a huge fan of apocalyptic tales, but this one is a keeper. Filled with laughter, tears, despair and hope, it is just the book to read aloud to the whole family (with some words skipped over for younger ears)."


Author Magazine

Video Interview - Bill Kenower with Kira Jane Buxton

KATU 2 Live TV - AM Northwest - Portland


"It's a wildly original novel that's unlike anything you have read."

KUOW Seattle Public Radio - NPR

Bifocals Off Sunglasses On: What Are You Reading This Summer?​

Authors on the Air

Thrill Seekers with Alex Dolan: Kira Jane Buxton

Kira Jane Buxton and her explosive first fantasy novel Hollow Kingdom

"Hollow Kingdom has turned out to be my most favorite fantasy novel of the year."

Reading Women Podcast

Interview - Kira Jane Buxton​

BookRiot Podcast

Our Favorite Fiction of 2019

"People that don't normally read dystopian fiction picked this up and were like 'This is the best book of the year'"

"So freaking hilarious, she is so funny, Kira Jane Buxton. And its so sweet and heartbreaking"

Whad'ya Know Podcast

Hollow Kingdom on Whad'ya Know

Giant Panda Podcast

Episode 52 - Kira Jane Buxton​

All Classical Portland

Author Author - Ed Goldberg interviews Kira Jane Buxton

New Hampshire Public Radio - NHPR

The Summer Book Show: The Best New Books for Summer 2019

"It's just so funny, I couldn't stop laughing."

Georgia Public Broadcasting - NPR

Looking For Your Next Summer Read? Georgia's Independent Bookstores Have You Covered

"If you're going to read one book about the impending zombie apocalypse, this should be the book you read."

WAMC - Northwest Public Radio - Battenkill Books

Book Picks - Battenkill Books​

UPR - Utah Public Radio

What Are You Reading? - Wednesday's Access Utah

"It is a romp. It's really fun and funny, and it is clever."

An Englishman in San Diego - GeekGirlCon 2019

In Conversation With Kira Jane Buxton


2019 Holiday Books Show

Q & As

Hachette Book Group

Alix E. Harrow and Kira Jane Buxton Q & A


A Sassy Crow Narrates The Zombie Apocalypse in New Novel

Entertainment Weekly

How Nirvana, The Jungle Book, and Mr. Bean inspired an apocalyptic new novel narrated by a crow
"One element that informed the author’s process: pop culture. This genre-bending novel is entirely its own creation, to be sure, but influences and homages still abound."


'How Crows Can Teach Us To Live Our Best Lives'—Author Kira Jane Buxton Reveals Six Fascinating Facts About Crows

"I'm an animal lover and a bird nerd through and through, but of all the bird species, it’s the crow that has captured my heart. I befriended two wild crows who I spend time with every day and whom I consider family, and even went as far as to write my debut novel from the perspective of a crow."


In a Seattle infested by zombies, can a foul-mouthed crow save us all?

"Crosscut spoke with Buxton about using humor to face anxiety, the perils of animal narrators and her deep crow connection."

Jung and The Rest of Us

Between the Pages: Author Interview with Kira Jane Buxton​

The Rumpus

The Crowtagonist At The End of The World: Talking With Kira Jane Buxton

"After talking over email, Kira met me at the Woodland Park Zoo, a central setting in her book. Walking through the trails and past animal enclosures provided an eerie reminder of what happens in Hollow Kingdom within that very space. During our visit, we spoke about crows, conservation, and craft."

The Qwillery

Interview with Kira Jane Buxton, author of Hollow Kingdom​

Female First

Seven Things I Would Like My Readers To Know About Me

"Before I found my calling as a writer, I had many, many different jobs, including ice-cream scooper, failed actress, pet portrait artist, dog trainer, Beverly Hills bartender..."

The Seattle Review of Books

Whatcha Reading, Kira Jane Buxton?

Publishers Weekly

As The Crow Survives: PW Talks With Kira Jane Buxton

Waverly Fitzgerald

Path to Publication: Kira Jane Buxton

Shelf Awareness

Maximum Shelf: Hollow Kingdom

"Hollow Kingdom is a surprising, funny, genre-bending novel, an environmentalist parable crossed with an epic adventure story, difficult to describe and even more difficult to put down."


Q & A With Kira

Marlene Cullen's The Write Spot Blog - Guest Blog by Kira

Yes, You Can Write That Book You've Been Wanting to Write​!

My Book, The Movie

Kira Jane Buxton's Hollow Kingdom

The Page 69 Test

Hollow Kingdom

Coffee With a Canine

Kira Jane Buxton & Ewok


Lit Hub



Publisher's Weekly

BookExpo 2019: Literary Fiction Gets the Buzz

"While there is an outpouring of compelling works this fall and winter, the most intriguing book, which was mentioned by several booksellers, must be Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton"

Books Are the Stars at BookExpo 2019

"Narrated by a crow after what Budner described as 'a viral zombie apocalypse' has killed off humanity, it is, according to Holman, 'the human apocalypse as only a crow can tell it.' "

Grand Central Charges into Its Second Decade

Publishers Marketplace

Buzz Books 2019: Spring/Summer

"...Kira Jane Buxton’s Hollow Kingdom, has been sold to AMC for its first animated TV series."

American Booksellers Association - Book Web

Check Out These ABA Pre-Order Calendar Highlights

The July 2019 Indie Next List Preview

"The July flier also features ads encouraging customers to pre-order Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton"

The Bookseller

Headline bags Buxton debut on foul-mouthed crow's battle to save humanity

"From the moment I read Kira’s novel, I fell in love with the world’s most unlikely apocalyptic hero. This is an incredibly special book and I am delighted to be publishing it here at Headline (UK).”

Web Wire

HBG Big News This Week: June 10-14, 2019

"Kira Jane Buxton’s Hollow Kingdom (GCP) has been selected as the #2 pick on the August 2019 Indie Next List."

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